Independent College Counseling

JD College Consulting was founded with the belief that the stakes have never been higher for college students, and high school students considering the college decision.

Unfortunately, there is a very real gap between the help high school students and their parents need in the college admission process and what high school counselors and colleges currently offer. This is true both in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and around the country.

In fact, the college recruiting process has become so aggressive and complicated that we believe a lot of students are either not getting enough time with counselors or are getting bad advice.

At JD College Consulting, in our one on one counseling sessions we offer a fresh look at the best options for students, a framework for how to decide which school is the best fit, a roadmap through the application process and thoughts on funding opportunities and scholarships.

We also offer programs and resources for parents to help make the decision and admission process as painless as possible.

Please let us know how we can assist your family.


“Putting the Fun back into the Fundamentals of College Planning”