3 Reasons High School Juniors Should Visit Colleges During Spring Break

Attention High School Juniors: If you’re not leaving the country for Spring Break, you are likely to be within a few miles of a college campus or two. That is good news since junior year Spring Break may be the best time to get a few college visits in. Let’s take a look at JDCC-University-Sydneythree reasons why:

  1. Atmosphere – Sure you can visit campuses during the summer after your junior year, but if you do, there will be precious few students there. If you go during Spring Break, which is almost always at a different time than the college break, you will get to see the campus when it is full of students doing what they do on a typical day. Visiting the dorms, student activity centers, library and athletic facilities has a very different feel when there are real students running around.
  2. Motivational tool – Perhaps the best way for a high school student to be motivated is to have a clear idea of what she is working toward. Seeing a dynamic, bustling campus that could be home away from home for the next 4 years could be a great motivation for finishing high school strong.
  3. High School Seniors are busy – Many students will have a summer job after junior year, and most students become too busy to do visits during senior year, or find that it is too late with application deadlines rapidly approaching. Getting visits done in junior year can take away a lot of the stress.

In summary, junior year break is a great time to see different campuses. By getting an early start you can build a list of what you’re looking for in a campus, even if you don’t end up having an interest in the schools that you do visit.

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