Do High School Senior Grades Matter?

Many parents at this time of year worry about the same thing – their high school senior kids slacking off before they reach the finish line.  “Senioritis” is alive and well.  If your child has not yet been accepted to college, senior grades are obviously important.  Keep in mind, though, that despite what you may have heard, senior grades matter even if your son or daughter has already been accepted.

In a report earlier this year, NACAC reported that in 2009, 21 percent of colleges reported that they had revoked the acceptance letter of at lease one student. In 65% of those cases, the reason cited by the college was poor senior grades.

If that’s not enough to convince students to push hard for good senior grades, remember the very simple fact that every student’s high school transcript is part of their permanent academic record.  Who else may look at senior grades as a basis for making a decision?

  • Financial Aid offices
  • Scholarship boards
  • Graduate Schools
  • Employers

If the progression of a student’s grades from junior to senior year shows a clear choice to slack off during senior year, decision makers might question when else the student might choose to put in less that his best effort.

Simply telling your child to work harder might not have the desired effect.  At JD College Consulting, we can help you put together a plan, working together with you and your child, to make sure that a case of senioritis does not derail an otherwise promising college acceptance scenario.