Experience Matters – Independent College Counselors

Are you the parent of a high school student who is looking to hire an independent counselor? Good for you – you are on the right track to getting your teenager into the best school possible.

college_logosLots of parents we talk to rely on referrals to find an independent counselor, which is understandable.  A recommendation from a trusted source can be very valuable, obviating the need to do a lot of research on whom to hire.

If you are going to do the research yourself to find a counselor, the good news is that the internet has a wealth of resources at your disposal. All large counseling operations and many smaller firms or even sole proprietors have websites that will tell you a lot of what you need to know.

One thing I’d like to highlight that is worth considering is the work experience of the counselor who is actually going to be working with you and your teen student.

You may not be aware of the following fact: many independent counselors’ relevant work experience is limited to having worked in the admissions department of a single college. That would be great if that counselor worked at the college that is your child’s first choice, but the vast majority of the time, that is not going to be the case.

At JD College Consulting, our founder, Jonathan DeSimone, has over 16 years of high school counseling experience, has worked extensively with over a hundred different colleges, and has deep contacts at dozens of them. In addition, we only hire affiliate counselors who have a similar background in high school counseling with practical experience working with multiple schools.

Experience counts when selecting a college counselor. Need help with any aspect of the college admissions process? Email us. We are here to help.