High School Students – Prepare for the Summer and Next School Year:

Well high school students, the year is almost over. If you’re not a senior, you have a summer ahead of you that does not include going-to-college prep. Or does it? While it is riley-mexico-1important to have some fun and forget about school for a while, the long game dictates that there are some things that you can do to help your personal development and maximize your chances of getting into a good college.

  1. Do something. Securing a summer job, internship or volunteer opportunity improves your resume and application – for any student. Adding summer experiences to an Activity Resume shows initiative and that you are a well rounded person.
  2. Academic classes for enrichment or advancement can still be signed up for at this point and preparations made for getting to and from those classes.
  3. Make a summer reading list. Most schools require some reading but simply reading newspapers, current events magazines or other periodicals can be done to stay sharp.
  4. For some students, SAT and ACT course preps need to be signed up for to take in late July or early August in advance of the Sept ACT and/or Oct SAT.
  5. Student going into grade 12 should begin finalizing their college list. Make time to complete a rough draft of the Common Application (CA) for practice, and to see if you are lacking anything. The updated CA for next year will be available shortly.
  6. Plan some visits to schools for the summer, or do some long-term planning of college visits for the fall, so you have time to work around your parents’ schedules.

Finally, if you aren’t sure what you could or should be doing this summer, you have a couple of weeks left to talk to your guidance counselor. The doctor is in.