High Schoolers – Visit Campuses During the Break

If you’re a high school senior who is planning to go to college, you are already up to your neck in the application process.  If you are one of the fortunate ones, you may already have received good news regarding early admission.

Rutgers-stadiumIf you are a sophomore or junior, the application process, starting with deciding where to apply, has probably not even started.  The next few weeks could come in very handy to get you ahead of the game.

During the holiday break, whether you stay home or go away to visit relatives, there are bound to be a handful of colleges within a short driving distance. Do yourself and your future a favor and go visit a couple of them. It doesn’t even matter if the campus is closed or that it is not an “official” visit.  In fact, that may be better.  The guided tour and orientation that you would get in an official visit will include carefully packaged information that the college wants you to hear.  With an informal walk through, you can let your instincts be your guide.

Make notes about what you like and don’t like about each school that you visit. Does the school look and feel too big or small? Too urban or too rural? Can you walk or would you need a car? If you don’t plan on having a car, is public transportation readily available? Is there shopping nearby? Does it look safe? Too staid? Can you imagine yourself living here for the next four years?

Getting an idea of how a school’s environment fits your personality before you apply, rather than building a short list strictly based on academic or other credentials, can put you ahead of the game in terms of making good decisions about which colleges you will target. Get out there and take a look.

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