PA Football Star Loses Scholarship Over YouTube Rap Video

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Warning: Explicit content ahead 

A lot of news outlets started out this week reporting a strange, borderline feel-good story this week – that star football player Jay Harris from Downingtown High School East in Exton, PA turned down a full football scholarship from Michigan State to pursue his dreams as a rapper.

It turns out that the real story is somewhat different.

Sources now say that Michigan State revoked the scholarship after they saw videos posted by Harris to YouTube, which include marijuana smoking by the athlete and extremely graphic and foul language. I don’t blame them one bit.

It’s another reminder to parents and student athletes of the very real risk of what you choose to put online coming back to haunt you, with sometimes permanent consequences.

Harris goes by the rap name Jay DatBull, and it turns out that his Twitter account, which now has almost 1,000 followers, is no walk in the park either.

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Athletes looking for a scholarship opportunity should take a very hard look at how their online persona would be viewed by a college recruiter.