Parent Solutions for Teen Internet Headaches

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My friends over at S2R Solutions have come up with a great service that I think deserves more attention. It’s called ThirdParent.

helpThirdParent was built by parents for parents – parents who are worried that a careless mistake, bad decision or oversight made by their teen could come back to haunt them in a very real way.

Parents understand that they should take a real interest in what their kids are doing on the internet, especially if is a negative behavior. In order for a parent to effectively counsel a child as to appropriate internet use, it is helpful to know what is actually happening. In addition, there are several real world situations in which a person in a position of influence might search for a young person on the internet or social media:

Bullying accusations – Much of the bullying that goes on these days happens on the internet, especially on social media. If a school official receives a report of a bullying incident, one of the first things they are likely to do is check online for evidence of the bullying.

College admission – It is no secret that more and more college admission officers are at a minimum doing a Google search and checking Facebook pages for new applicants. In addition,  scholarship opportunities could be affected by unwise internet behavior.

Job searches – The expression “everyone Googles everything” is not such an exaggeration any more. If a future employer, even for a part time job, did an internet search for your teen, would everything check out OK?

Predators – Misuse of privacy settings leave many young people open to the risk of being preyed upon by someone with ulterior motives. With the ever-growing number of social networks, all with their own privacy settings, it is a daunting task for parents to make sure their kids are safe.

ThirdParent offers a complete internet audit of all public-domain information on your child. Parents can arm themselves with the information they need to teach their kids how to use the internet wisely and safely, and take corrective action should something be posted by or about their teen before any damage is done.

Visit ThirdParent for more information about helping parents monitor teens, internet activity.

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